2nd October 2015

  • A series of coordinated explosions in Maiduguri, Nigeria were suicide bombings committed by five young girls. 14 (including the girls) were killed and 39 injured.
  • Were Boko Haram to be defeated in Nigeria, its place in the Islamic State’s international network could mean it sustained elsewhere in Chad and Niger.
  • A new age of combat airpower in Africa.
  • The Sudanese army continues air raids in South Kordofan.
  • The trial against former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré could be a milestonecase.
  • The president of the Central African Republic, Catherine Samba-Panza, raced home from the UN summit as reports indicated violence was again on the upswing in CAR ahead of elections.
  • Tens of thousands demonstrated in the Congo against President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s attempts to extend his rule.
  • The leader of Burkina Faso’s short-lived coup, General Gilbert Diendéré, is inpolice custody.
  • Burundi has accused Rwanda of training rebels.
  • A Malian citizen and member of Al Qaeda-linked Ansar al Dine militant group has been brought before the International Criminal Court over the destruction of ancient religious monuments in Mali in 2012.
  • The Islamic State attacked forces guarding one of Libya’s main oil ports on Thursday.
  • France began airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria. On Sunday, at least 30 were reportedly killed in a French strike on an Islamic State training camp in eastern Syria.
  • France opened a probe into the Assad regime for crimes against humanity.
  • Russia began airstrikes inside Syria this week, and has admitted to targeting other groups than the Islamic State. This is the first time since World War II that the US and Russia are bombing the same country.
  • Russia and the US have opened deconfliction talks over Syria.
  • Russia is working hard to promote the intervention in Syria back home.
  • Iraq, Iran and Russia plan to set up a joint intelligence-sharing hub to fight the Islamic State.
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said he is open to Russia conducting airstrikes against militants inside Iraq.
  • A Pentagon Inspector General report finds a number of flaws in Operation Inherent Resolve’s Iraq train and assist program.
  • Iran has sent reinforcements into Syria to aid both the Syrian government and Hezbollah.
  • Interviews with dozens of people who live in the Islamic State’s caliphate show that “the militants have created a brutal, two-tiered society, where daily life is starkly different for the occupiers and the occupied.”
  • Meet the Americans who have joined the fight against the Islamic State inside Syria.
  • US-backed rebels turned over US equipment to Al Nusrah Front, an Al Qaeda affiliate, in exchange for safe passage.
  • Most Syrian refugees are too poor to make it to Europe.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared at the UN that Israel’s failures to meet its obligations under the Oslo Accords mean that Palestine can no longer “be bound by these agreements.”
  • Since the end of 2014′s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, about half of Gazan children need treatment for post-traumatic stress.
  • Clashes continue this week over the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Israel deployed hundreds of troops to the West Bank on Friday after a Palestinian gunman opened fire the day before on a vehicle –– killing two Israeli settlement residents inside.
  • A Saudi airstrike on a wedding party in Yemen killed 131 and is one of the single deadliest attacks on civilians yet in the ongoing war.
  • Yemeni forces have regained control of the Bab al-Mandab strait.
  • Bahrain, alleging that Tehran has smuggled weapons to militants and promoted “subversion,” has recalled its ambassador and expelled the Iranian charge d’affaires.
  • The Afghan city of Kunduz was seized by the Taliban this week, but was recaptured a few days later, with the credit going to Afghan special forces. (Here’s a walk backwards through the bloody history of Kunduz.)
  • Though they lost it quickly, the Taliban are committed to spinning this as a historic and symbolic victory.
  • An American C-130 plane crashed in Afghanistan at around midnight on Thursday, killing 6 soldiers and 5 contractors. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the crash, but the US maintains this was an accident.
  • The Pakistani army announced that 25 suspected militants were killed in airstrikes near the Afghan border.
  • India rejected a Pakistani proposal of a four point peace plan for Kashmir.
  • France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine are meeting in Paris today (Oct 2) to work on peace talks to strengthen the almost-calm in Ukraine.
  • The “Afgantsy,” veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, are back on the battlefield in Ukraine.
  • A weapons withdrawal agreement was reached among Russian, Ukrainian and European delegates this week. Ukraine says it will soon pull small-caliber weapons from the east if the cease-fire continues to hold.
  • International monitors with the OSCE say they have spotted the Russian TOS-1 Buratino weapons system, equipped with thermobaric warheads, for the first time.
  • The trial of two suspected Russian soldiers detained in eastern Ukraine began in Kiev.
  • Thousands protested the government in Montenegro.
  • Old anger between Croatia and Serbia rise again amid the refugee crisis.
  • The parents of Syrian soldier beheaded by the Islamic State are bringing suit in French court because one of the alleged killers is French citizen Maxime Hauchard.
  • The CIA has withdrawn staff from the US Embassy in Beijing over concerns that the April hack of the Office of Personnel Management may expose its agents.
  • Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe thinks recent breakthroughs in peace talks undermine the rule of law.
  • Canada is thinking about an integrated force with the United States to respond to global hotspots.
  • A US judge said that there was insufficient evidence to link Saudi Arabia to 9/11,dismissing the country as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by victims’ families.
  • A former Guantánamo inmate filed a compensation claim for 12 years he was held without charge.
  • The US House of Representatives passed the 2016 defense bill, but the 496 billion dollar base budget is under threat (or promise) of veto by the White House.

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