18th November 2016

  • 100 people are believed drowned off the coast of Libya after they were abandoned by their smugglers, who towed them out to sea and left them without a motor or lifejackets.
  • Former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi’s death sentence was overturned, though he still faces many years in prison.
  • Testimonials from victims of abuse under authoritarian rule are airing on television in Tunisia as part of the country’s Truth and Dignity Commission.
  • Can $10 billion end Nigeria’s century-long oil war?
  • Two were killed by suicide bombings in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri.
  • The Kenyan government postponed its closure of the Dadaab refugee camp by six months.
  • South Sudan edges toward genocide. The US has shifted its position and now backs an arms embargo against the country.
  • A wave of gruesome ethnic killings has hit the South Sudanese town of Yei, on the border with Uganda and Congo.
  • America has played a sizable role in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, in which the coalition routinely hits civilian targets and which has “obliterated” the country’s economy rather than defeating the rebels.
  • 16 journalists have been abducted from Yemen this year.
  • The killing of three US soldiers at a Jordanian air base earlier this month is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism.
  • After a few weeks of a kind of calm, pro-Assad forces have resumed a fierce assault on Aleppo. This came the day after Putin’s phone call with Trump. On Wednesday, Assad’s forces bombed the city’s only remaining children’s hospital.
  • Following the election of Donald Trump, Turkey and Russia are expected to expand their military operations in Syria. The election has already sparked a turf war inside Syria and left Western-backed Syrian rebels in limbo.
  • Syria’s food production is near collapse.
  • The U.N. Security Council approved a one-year extension of the international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
  • Protests over the terror listing of Al Nusra Front’s Abdallah Muhammad al-Muhaysini show Al Qaeda’s desire to “have ambiguity about their organizational affiliations.”
  • In Iraq, the Islamic State found a way to weaponize the drones it uses for spying, arming them with hand grenades.
  • Iraq has asked the UK for assistance in getting thermobaric weapons for the fight against the Islamic State.
  • As the Mosul offensive continues, waves of civilians fleethe city.
  • Iraqi forces recaptured the ancient city of Nimrud from the Islamic State, and found a scene of destruction worse than previously imagined.
  • According to Human Rights Watch, the Islamic State murdered 300 former Iraqi policemen three weeks ago and buried them in a mass grave south of Mosul.
  • The Islamic State has been weakened and pushed back in Afghanistan, but is not yet gone.
  • An ICC prosecutor says she has “reasonable basis to believe” that US troops committed war crimes in Afghanistan.
  • In photos: Children attending school in war zones.
  • Myanmar’s harsh, violent crackdown on the Rohingya continues.
  • Buddhist aid workers who work with agencies helping the Rohingya face a backlash.
  • Chinese and US troops staged joint humanitarian relief drills.
  • Russia is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court.
  • Long read: “Where Even Nightmares Are Classified: Psychiatric Care at Guantánamo.”
  • Two former child soldiers recruited at 13 to fight in Sierra Leone are suing UK defense firm Aegis, which later recruited them as adults to fight in Iraq, for compoundingthe psychological harm from their childhoods.
  • In photos: the Calais migrant camp, before and afterbeing cleared.
  • James Clapper has resigned as Director of National Intelligence.
  • Michael Flynn will be Trump’s national security adviser. Here’s what we know and don’t know about Flynn’s ties with Turkey.
  • Long read: Some important elements of Facebook’s algorithms are having profound global political impact, especially when it comes to the rise of the far-right.
  • German newspaper Der Spiegel says that with the election of Trump, the US has “abdicated its leadership of the West” and says it is time for German chancellor Angela Merkel to step forward and fill that role.
  • The role of both fake news and Russian meddling are giving Germany’s intelligence community pause ahead of the country’s 2017 elections.
  • Defense experts weigh in on the extreme costs of Trump’s defense plans.
  • A Service Women’s Action Network survey shows that female troops find themselves under-appreciated and under-acknowledged inside and outside of the armed services.

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