08 July, 2016

  • South Sudan experienced its worst violence so far this year. Dozens were killed in attacks on civilians in Wau and 70,000 have been displaced. Five soldiers were killed in clashes in the capital city, Juba, as the small country prepares to celebrate its fifth independence day on Saturday.
  • Three quarters of South Sudan’s population have difficulty finding enough food.
  • Violence is on the rise in the Central African Republic’s north-west.
  • Nigerian soldiers make for bad aid workers.
  • Militants blew up the Eni oil pipeline in Nigeria.
  • Nine were killed in a suspected rebel attack in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The U.N. deputy secretary-general warned that, without peace talks, violence and instability will continue to plague Congo.
  • Two former Rwandan mayors were sentenced to life in prison by a French court for their role in the 1994 genocide.
  • US jets abandoned Syrian rebels in the middle of an offensive against the Islamic State last week. The operation was a failure.
  • The regime and warring factions in Syria have weaponized humanitarian access and aid.
  • Russia’s only aircraft carrier – The Admiral Kuznetsov, which entered service 26 years ago – is being sent to war for the first time.
  • A new Islamic State video outlines its structure and area of control.
  • Mapped: The Islamic State loses ground.
  • Saudi Arabia arrested 19 suspects in connection with the July 4 attacks.
  • Child marriages are on the rise in Yemen.
  • Israel tightened its security near Hebron.
  • A triple suicide attack at a Shia mausoleum in Balad, almost 60 miles north of Baghdad, killed at least 35 and wounded 60.
  • The death toll from last week’s blast continues to rise, now at 292.
  • Video: What Ramadi looks like today.
  • Iraqi militias are using commercial drones to monitor and track the Islamic State.
  • The IMF approved a $5.34 billion aid program for Iraq.
  • The long-awaited Chilcot Inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the war in Iraq was finally released. Its conclusions were damning for Tony Blair – who it said chose to take the UK to war before peaceful options had been exhausted. It also concluded that Blair had exaggerated Saddam Hussein’s threat, that the mental health of soldiers had been risked, that warnings were ignored and strategies absent and that the UK had been shut out of involvement in post-invasion decisions.
  • The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has again been slowed.
  • Australia has extended its mission in Afghanistan by six months.
  • A militant attack on end of Ramadan celebrations in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed three and wounded 14.
  • Analysis: Why is China getting involved with Afghan peace talks?
  • Lam Wing-kee, a Hong Kong bookseller targeted by Chinese authorities, spoke out about his forced confession and his contemplation of fleeing to evade further detention.
  • Putin signed harsh counterterrorism measures into law.
  • Eight militants and a security officer were killed in clashes in Daghestan.
  • Russia flexes its muscles with Belarus.
  • Inside Kosovo’s Islamist cauldron.
  • The twenty-five year anniversary of the war that broke up Yugoslavia is approaching. Der Spiegel asks: How can a war start if nobody wants it to?
  • In photos: Yugoslavia’s descent into barbarism.
  • Long read: “A drive across the Baltics reveals a constant hum of military activity.”
  • Inside Britain’s secret weapons research facility.
  • Long read: How 18 British sewer workers became unlikely heroes in the Battle of the Somme
  • What it was like to be closeted and transgender in the US military.
  • The House approved legislation seeking to block the sale of Boeing airliners to Iran.
  • A former seamstress for Colombian militants re-enters the workforce.
  • Former president Álvaro Uribe may be Colombia’s biggest obstacle to peace.

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