3rd February 2017

  • Somalia is on the brink of famine.
  • Police teargassed crowds gathered near the home of Congo’s late opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi.
  • Zimbabwe arrested a pastor accused of trying to overthrow Mugabe upon his return from the United States.
  • The new Trump administration changed longstanding US policy by saying that Israeli settlements were not an obstacle to peace, though warned against further expansion.
  • Hundreds of angry protesting settlers holed up in a synagogue in the illegal settlement of Amona in the occupied West Bank as Israeli soldiers moved to evict them.
  • Turkish officers are seeking asylum in Germany amid the country’s post-coup purges.
  • An investigation has begun into an American raid in Yemen that left a Navy SEAL and a number of civilians dead, including Anwar al-Awlaki’s eight-year-oid daughter.
  • Military officials have said the raid was undertaken “without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.”
  • Former Obama administration officials reject the White House’s story that this particular mission had been planned for a long time.
  • Pro-government forces in Syria have retaken Barada Valley, home to Damascus’s water source, from the rebels.
  • The Trump administration has tossed aside the Obama White House’s months-long plan to retake Raqqa by arming Kurds in northern Syria.
  • Nine Syrian officials are being accused of torture in Spanish court.
  • Inside east Mosul’s growing healthcare emergency.
  • The US is preparing new Iran sanctions after they test-fired a ballistic missile.
  • Dr. Marzia Salam Yaftali runs the last hospital left standing in Kunduz.
  • The Taliban are diversifying the ways they collect revenue, collecting electricity bills from residents in at least two provinces.
  • The Afghan government is losing territory to the insurgency, according to a bleak quarterly report from the US watchdog for the Afghan conflict.
  • Kim Won-hong, North Korea’s state security minister, was fired in January for corruption, abuse of power, and human rights abuses.
  • Human rights lawyer U Ko Ni, who had been working on a draft constitution that would strip Myanmar’s military of some of its powers, was assassinated on Sunday.
  • “[A] striking new geopolitical landscape has come clearly into focus: a crescent of Russian influence, arching from Donetsk in the east to Tripoli in the west.”
  • Fighting in Ukraine is intensifying. Avdiyivka has been the site of days of violence, the worst hit in the new eruption of conflict. This latest round of fighting has prompted evacuation of civilians.
  • Tens of thousands protest corruption in Romania.
  • WikiLeaks turns to the French election.
  • The Trump presidency jeopardizes the standing commitment to “Europe whole, free and at peace.”
  • A deadly assault by a white supremacist on a Quebec City mosque left six dead.
  • Inside Quebec’s far-right movement, exposed in this mosque attack.
  • The Myth of the Muslim Country
  • Protests continue against Trump’s travel ban, including a strike by New York City’s Yemeni bodega owners.
  • The travel ban has recently been amended to allow in the families of Iraqi interpreters.
  • A dissent memo circulating within the State Department criticizing the executive order on immigration has as many as 900 signatories.
  • Two queer women who fled Communist regimes, Masha Gessen and Martina Navritilova, describe the fear, anger, and despair brought on by the new administration.
  • The US government’s Countering Violent Extremism program is being shifted to solely focus on Islamic extremism and to no longer address the threat of white supremacist groups.
  • A survey of the foreign policy establishment (which is overwhelmingly male) finds that they are uninformed on research about the role of gender in conflict and national security and don’t usually think of it as a significant factor.

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