10th March 2017

  • Libya topples back into civil war as rival sides battle for control of oil terminals.
  • UK-funded refugee camps in Libya are indefinitely detaining asylum-seekers.
  • Kenyan security forces, the recipients of a fair amount of US counterterrorism funding, are accused of torture, executions, and disappearances.
  • Besieged: A 360º experience in Sudan’s Nuba mountains.”
  • Japan ends its five year peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.
  • War consumes South Sudan.
  • Amid famine, the South Sudanese government signaled that it will increase the cost of work permits for foreign aid workers.
  • Israel passed a law banning those supporting a boycott of the country from entering.
  • A former Guantánamo inmate was killed in a US airstrike in Yemen.
  • The Trump administration looks to resume Saudi arms sales.
  • The UN urges Turkey to investigate killings in the southeast.
  • Emin Ozmen’s photos of the Syrian refugee experience in Turkey.
  • The Syrian war enters its seventh year, with millions internally displaced and millions more in need of humanitarian aid.
  • The US puts hundreds of Marines on the ground in the fight for Raqqa, adding to the international power struggle in the conflict.
  • US forces headed to Manbij to disrupt fighting between rival US-allied forces.
  • Syrian children are suffering toxic stress, showing a range of symptoms as a result of their constant, lifelong exposure to violence and fear.
  • Warlords and armed militias are taking control inside Assad’s territory.
  • After the second Islamic State occupation, Palmyra remains majestic despite the devastation.
  • The Islamic State leaves Mosul’s antiquities museum in ruins.
  • Iraqi troops find Assyrian treasures in the Islamic State’s network of tunnels beneath Mosul.
  • As Iraqi security forces advance through Mosul, the Islamic State deploys vicious and rapidly evolving counterattacks.
  • Bahrain has moved to ban the main opposition party and to shift a number of civilian cases to a military court.
  • Gunmen dressed as medics killed dozens in an attack on Kabul’s main military hospital.
  • NPR interviews Afghanistan’s ambassador to Washington, Hamdullah Mohib.
  • The impossible job of Afghanistan’s attorney general.
  • Putting a human face on the cost of terror in Kabul.
  • The head of US Central Command wants more troops for Afghanistan.
  • A dangerous new development in Myanmar: the formation of the first Rohingya insurgent group in decades.
  • The International Court of Justice declined to reopen the genocide case against Serbia.
  • History repeats itself in Ukraine.
  • Two weeks after being released from prison, police detained Putin critic and activist Ildar Dadin.
  • German lawmakers approved broadened security measures, including expanded video surveillance.
  • The US Army is scouting two facilities in northern Germany as potential spots for bases.
  • Gen. Paul Selva, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offered the first public confirmation that Russia had deployed a cruise missile in violation of an arms treaty.
  • A man who spent years lobbying the Pentagon on behalf of Palantir has taken a job as special assistant to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  • Attorney General Sessions has said he would adviseTrump to place captured terror suspects in Guantánamo.
  • WikiLeaks published a leak of CIA documents largely on hacking and surveillance.
  • After reporting that US Marines shared nude photographs of female Marines on Facebook, the scandal has widened to other branches of service.

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