6th May 2016

  • Across Africa, international election monitors are failing.
  • Uganda has banned coverage of election protests.
  • The first British troops arrived in Somalia as part of their UN mission.
  • The US is seeking to approve the sale of 12 light attack aircraft to Nigeria to help in the fight against Boko Haram.
  • Militants carried out an attack on the Chevron platform in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.
  • Burundi’s police say 450 people have been killed in violence over the past year.
  • Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davotoglu announced his resignation Thursday amid reports of disagreements and differences with President Erdogan. With this resignation, America loses a friend in the Turkish government.
  • Violence picked up between Israel and Gaza.
  • Some disputes arose in negotiations over US defense aid to Israel.
  • Human Rights Watch reports that the Saudi-led coalition has used American cluster munitions near civilian areas in Yemen.
  • A new ceasefire is in place for Aleppo.
  • “In Aleppo, we are running out of coffins.”
  • Islamist rebel forces overtook Khan Touman, a village close to Aleppo, from government forces. 73 people died in the battle.
  • The Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front has big plans in Syria.
  • Video: Syrian refugee children work long, hard days to avoid the desperation of returning to civil war.
  • Long read: A generation of Syrian children who don’t count.
  • 75 Syrian refugee women were forced into sexual slavery in Lebanon, the country’s largest uncovered human trafficking operation.
  • An airstrike near the Turkish border in northern Syria killed 28 civilians in a refugee camp.
  • Video: Cellist and close friend of Putin Sergei Roldugin performed with the Mariinsky Orchestra in the same Roman amphitheatre in Palmyra where the Islamic State carried out executions. (Bonus: ancient ruins make great backdropsfor propaganda.)
  • The Islamic State claimed control of the Shaer gas field in Homs.
  • Special Warfare Operator First Class Charles Keating IV is the third American combat death in Iraq since the start of the campaign against the Islamic State.
  • An Australian fighting for the Islamic State was killed in an air strike in Iraq.
  • A state of emergency was declared in Baghdad this week after protesters entered the protected Green Zone and took over parliament. The protesters, who support Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, have since left.
  • Long read: The Green Zone is emblematic of the “symbiotic relationship between terrorists and corrupt politicians.”
  • Al Qaeda is reportedly working more closely with the Afghan Taliban.
  • It has been a profitable year in the Helmand province poppy fields.
  • Shoddy footwear is a big problem for Afghan forces.
  • The Pentagon argues that the 2015 strikes on an MSF hospital in Kunduz are not a war crime because they were unintentional.
  • Analysis: Is recklessness sufficient for war crimes?
  • Two months after the bin Laden raid, the CIA station chief in Islamabad went home in failing health, with no clear cause. Both he and the agency grew to believe Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency had poisoned him. (There are skeptics.)
  • North Korea is staging its first party congress since 1980.
  • As NATO plans to boost its Eastern European presence, Russia plans to reinforceits western and southern flanks.
  • Long read: The historian whitewashing Ukraine’s bloody past.
  • House Republicans are using the 2017 defense authorization bill to go after LGBTQ rights.
  • When Donald Trump officially becomes the Republican nominee, he’ll receive classified intelligence briefings and some people are a little worried about that.

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