22nd July, 2016

  • Three French soldiers were killed in a helicopter accident in Libya, confirming for the first time that France has troops present there. The UN-backed Libyan government is not pleased.
  • Libyan forces launched an offensive against the Islamic State in Sirte.
  • For 25 years, Kenya has hosted Somali refugees in the sprawling refugee camp Dadaab, now the largest such camp in the world. Now Kenya wants these hundreds of thousands of people out.
  • “South Sudan’s civil war is supposed to be over.”
  • Human rights groups urge an arms embargo for South Sudan.
  • South Sudan arrested prominent newspaper editor Alfred Taban for articles critical of authorities.
  • In photos: A year of crisis in Burundi.
  • Tuareg rebels clashed with government-aligned Tuareg group in Mali.
  • A coordinated assault on a Malian base left 17 soldiers dead and lots of vehicles and equipment stolen.
  • Video: Inside Eritrea, the world’s most censored country.
  • Debt may be unsustainable in many African countries.
  • AFRICOM is under new command.
  • Nigeria’s efforts to buy peace won’t pay off.
  • In photos: Where refugee children sleep.
  • Eight ambassadors to Israel are expressing their concern over Israel’s confiscation of Bedouin shelters in occupied West Bank in May and June.
  • At least 73 civilians died in a US-led airstrike near Manbij, an Islamic State stronghold in Syria, leading to a Pentagon investigation.
  • 300,000 people are at risk of starvation now that rebel-held areas of Aleppo have been sealed by pro-government forces.
  • A Syrian opposition group, formerly linked to US-backed rebels, beheaded a captive child soldier.
  • The US is considering Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syria wing, a threat of growing significance.
  • The saga of Abu Omar al-Shishani’s ambiguous living status continues: the Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency says he was killed in recent fighting south of Mosul.
  • Iraqi factions jockey for positions in the final offensive in Mosul, a campaign which could affect 1.5 million civilians.
  • Iraqi marshlands have been named a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Human rights researchers struggle to circumvent access denial in conflict zones (a piece of mine for this blog)
  • Declaring a state of emergency following the failed coup against President Erdogan, Turkey declared a state of emergency while cracking down hard on tens of thousands of judges, academics, police and civil servants.
  • Turkey is using the Incirlik Air Base to pressure the US over cleric-in-exile Fethullah Gulen.
  • A Bahraini court order the dissolution of the Al-Wefaq opposition group.
  • The Taliban and other local strongmen illegally harvestedsome of Afghanistan’s pistachio crop too early, ruining a possible boost in export income.
  • Convictions were handed down to three Hong Kong student leaders for their roles in massive pro-democracy protests two years ago.
  • North Korea returns to short wave radio.
  • Armed men have been holding Armenian police officershostage in Yerevan for days and now clashes have broken out.
  • A car bomb killed well-known Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet on his way to work.
  • In eastern Ukraine, watchdog groups report, civilians suffer arbitrary detention, disappearances and torture.
  • Radovan Karadzic appeals his 40-year prison sentence.
  • In Bosnia, Pokemon Go comes with a land mine concern.
  • An Afghan teenager with a hand-painted Islamic State flag attacked passengers on a train in Würzberg, Germany with an axe and knife.
  • Five accomplices in the Nice attack have beenarrested and French prosecutors say the perpetrator planned it for months.
  • A new data leak may help identify Islamic State fighters returning to Europe.
  • Europe sees cause for concern in Donald Trump’s recent comments on NATO.
  • Mohamedou Ould Slahi, the Guántanamo prisoner whose memoir was released last year, has been cleared for release by the Periodic Review Board.
  • Maria Abi-Habib, a correspondent with the Wall Street Journal, was detained at the airport by Homeland Security upon her return from Beirut.
  • Interactive: How dangerous is the world we live in?
  • Secrecy prevails in the race for UN Secretary General

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