26th August

  • Der Spiegel interviews Libya’s prime minister.
  • Libyan parliament rejected the leadership of the UN-backed government on Monday.
  • Marine helicopter gunships entered the fight against the Islamic State in Libya.
  • The Nigerian military claims to have killed several Boko Haram commanders, with their leader perhapsfatally wounded.
  • The vigilantes helping to defeat Boko Haram may be Nigeria’s next security threat.
  • The UN says that 49,000 children suffering acute malnutrition in Nigeria’s Borno state will die this year if not helped.
  • A militant appeared in the International Criminal Court to account for the destruction of Timbuktu’s mausoleums.
  • An Al-Shabaab attack on a Somali beach restaurant kills 8.
  • Rebuilding peace in the Central African Republic.
  • Former South Sudanese VP and rebel leader Riek Machar is reportedly in Khartoum for medical attention.
  • Attacks have intensified in Yemen and civilians arepaying the price. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has called for an independent probe into war crimes there.
  • Doctors Without Borders withdrew staff from six Yemeni hospitals after strikes.
  • Long read: When it comes to extremism, Saudis are “both the arsonists and the firefighters.”
  • Israel launched up to 50 strikes on Hamas positions after a rocket attack hit the city of Sderot, an especially harsh response that breaks the ongoing pattern of retaliation.
  • The Israeli military cleared itself of wrongdoing during the 2014 Gaza War.
  • Palestinian journalist Omar Nazzal was supposed to be released this week but his detention without charge or trial was extended.
  • A truck bomb hit a police checkpoint in the Turkish town of Cizre this morning, with 11 fatalities reported so far.
  • Turkish parliament approved a deal to normalize relations with Israel.
  • “…[I]t is now impossible to deny that the Syrian regime has repeatedly used industrial chlorine as a weapon against its own people.”
  • Turkish troops shelled U.S.-backed Kurdish militia fighters in northern Syria on Thursday.
  • Syrian rebels retook the town of Jarablus with the assistance of US aircraft and Turkish tanks. The US and Turkey are currently in the midst of a joint operation in northern Syria.
  • Turkey’s plans for a Syria offensive may have been significantly slowed by the coup.
  • Life expectancy has fallen by six years in Syria since the start of the civil war.
  • Long read: Why the war in Syria keeps getting worse.
  • Little Omran is hardly alone––85,000 children live under siege in Aleppo.
  • Kurdish forces are battling Assad’s army for the town of Hasakeh.
  • A former detainee in Syria’s notorious Saydnaya Prisontells his story.
  • The Daraya suburb of Damascus surrendered to government forces, striking an evacuation deal.
  • Iraqi forces retook the town of Qayara from the Islamic State.
  • The Iraqi parliament voted to sack the defense minister ahead of an offensive to take Mosul.
  • Years of war have resulted in considerable air pollutionin Iraq, with major health consequences for its children.
  • Iraq hung 36 men convicted of involvement in the 2014 Speicher massacre of hundreds of Shi’a recruits near Tikrit.
  • Detentions, torture and massacres of Sunni civilians by Shi’ite militias during the recapture of Fallujah show the lack of US control over the groups.
  • Iran released the first photos of its newly minted Bavar 373 system––the country’s first domestically-built long-range missile defence system.
  • The UAE bought expensive Israeli spyware to hack and monitor a dissident’s iPhone.
  • Russia’s use of an Iranian airbase as a launch for attacks in Syria is halted “for now.”
  • Iranian naval boats and American warships had four confrontations in the Persian Gulf in the past week.
  • A militant attack on Kabul’s American University left 16 dead and 53 wounded. The Taliban also destroyed a school for the blind in the course of their assault.
  • Afghan photographer Massoud Hossaini gives his firsthand account of the attack.
  • The US lost track of hundreds of thousands of guns in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • US military and economic aid to Pakistan has decreasedmeasurably in recent years as the relationship shifts.
  • The South Korean army is allowing women into its Ranger school for the first time.
  • Philippine troops killed 11 Abu Sayyaf militants following the group’s beheading of a captive.
  • Bahrun Naim, acting as a regional coordinator for the Islamic State in Indonesia, is inspiring radicalization and building a network of extremism.
  • Ukraine marked 25 years of independence.
  • in pictures: Kiev’s revolutionary graffiti
  • Ukrainian photojournalists are questioning the veracity of war photograph from the defense ministry that seems just too good to be true.
  • Belgium asked the NSA for assistance with its four-month manhunt for Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam.
  • Some in France, like Sarkozy, favor bans enacted on burkinis, ostensibly to make people feel safer. These recent “security” measures have resulted in some cringeworthy images of policemen forcing a woman to undress in the name of keeping the beach safe and unprovocative.
  • Colombia and the FARC rebels reached a historic peace agreement. Huge as this news is, the accord will not be final until Colombians, who may balk at concessions made to the rebel group, vote to approve it in October.
  • A human rights trial in Argentine federal court resulted in 38 convictions (and 5 acquittals) of former military officers for involvement in murders, torture and disappearances during the country’s dictatorship.
  • Long reads: The city of Baltimore is employing an expansive, secret, military-grade system of aerial surveillance, a version of a system previously put to use in Iraq.
  • The US released an unclassified profile of Guantánamo detainee Abu Zubaydah.

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