13th May 2016

  • Somalia’s US-funded intelligence agency used children as spies.
  • Kenya will close all its refugee camps, displacing about 600,000 people.
  • Rwanda is aiding Burundi’s rebels and North Korea is arming Congolese troops,according to an independent panel reporting the Security Council.
  • Two former Rwandan mayors went on trial in Paris for their part in the 1994 genocide.
  • How to rebuild Nigeria after Boko Haram.
  • Babies and children are dying in Nigerian military detention.
  • In photos: Adriane Ohanesian journeys into Darfur’s rebel-held mountains.
  • Senegal and the US signed a defense cooperation agreement.
  • Libya faces further fragmentation.
  • Africa confronts its worst drought in half a century.
  • Violence grows in Turkey’s southeast.
  • Top Hezbollah commander Mustafa Amine Bedreddine, a key target for Israelnicknamed the “untraceable ghost,” was killed in a large explosion near the Damascus airport.
  • From some vantage points, the US seems to have abandoned the idea of going after Assad in Syria.
  • A Red Cross aid convoy was denied access to the Syrian city of Darayya.
  • Three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria were freed
  • A power struggle between the Kurdish peshmerga and the Iraqi forces is impeding efforts to retake Mosul.
  • Long read: Everything you ever wanted to know about how the Islamic State uses the internet. (Like an alphabet app for kids!)
  • Islamic State car bombings killed at least 90 people in Baghdad.
  • The Chilcot report, a long-awaited British inquiry into the Iraq war, will bepublished July 6.
  • The US does not know what to do with captured Islamic State fighters.
  • Saudi Arabia closed hajj to the Iranians after a year of deep tension.
  • Yemenis are scarred by war and skeptical of talks of peace.
  • Russia delivered its S-300 missile defense system to Iran.
  • The Islamic State’s radio broadcasts in Afghanistan return to the airwaves.
  • A car bomb in Nangarhar province killed at least 11 people.
  • Long read: Mohammed Gulab saved former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan in 2005. He and his family paid a steep price. Now, his version of events does not match up with Luttrell’s Lone Survivor retelling.
  • Pakistani clerics issued a fatwa against the Islamic State.
  • Azerbaijan accused Armenia of using white phosphorus in Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • The US switched on a missile shield in Romania, to Russia’s displeasure.
  • Infographic: Laying out the planned European missile defense system.
  • Ukraine and Russia agreed to demilitarized zones and other security measures.
  • A “quarter century of shrinking the Bundeswehr is over,” as Germany plans to expand its military in response to Russia.
  • France plans to establish a series of de-radicalization centers.
  • A former Republican member of the 9/11 commission said he believes there was evidence of Saudi government involvement in a support network for the hijackers.
  • Khalid Sheikh Muhammad’s lawyers called for the judge and prosecutor in his trial to step down, alleging destruction of evidence favorable to the defense.
  • A legal challenge may allow the UN special rapporteur on torture into Guantánamo’s highly restrictive Camp 7.
  • The US is calling on countries to authorize their United Nations peacekeeping troops to use force to protect civilians.
  • When Air Force General Lori J. Robinson assumes control of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and US Northern Command today, she will be the first woman to head a top-tier U.S. warfighting command.

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