4th November 2016

  • At least 239 refugees are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean after two shipwrecks off the coast of Libya this week.
  • Fighting between a conglomeration of Islamist militias and the Libyan National Army has trapped civilians in the eastern neighborhoods of Benghazi for months.
  • France ended its military mission in the Central African Republic. Renewed fighting there has caused humanitarian agencies to suspend relief efforts in some parts of the country and 20,000 people to seek refuge at a UN base.
  • Voters in the Ivory Coast overwhelmingly supported a new constitution.
  • Militants attacked an oil pipeline in the Niger delta.
  • The US extended sanctions against Sudan.
  • The commander of the UN peacekeeping force in South Sudan has been dismissed following reports that the mission failed to protect civilians from attacks this summer.
  • Kenya withdrew its troops from the UN’s mission in South Sudan.
  • Kenya deported a South Sudanese rebel spokesman over a Facebook post.
  • A massive distributed denial of service attack brought Liberia’s entire internet infrastructure to a halt.
  • A bombshell 355-page corruption report released this week in South Africa shows that a family of Indian immigrants, the Guptas, are the shadow power behind President Jacob Zuma and some of his cabinet.
  • Dozens were wounded and one person killed today after a car bomb went off in Diyarbakir, a major Kurdish city in Turkey. (Video.)
  • The two joint-leaders of Kurdish People’s Democratic Party and 10 of the party’s MPs have been arrested, as have Diyarbakir’s two mayors, in Turkey’s relentless crackdown. The purge has now extended far beyond those involved in this summer’s attempted coup.
  • Analysis: Why is the conflict between Turkey and the PKK escalating?
  • US support for the Saudi coalition in Yemen could be setting US troops up for war crimes prosecution.
  • Residents live in constant fear in the Yemeni town of Saada, which is of the most densely bombed cities in this war and has lost critical infrastructure.
  • A 10 hour Russian and Syrian government ceasefire is in place today to allow rebels and civilians to leave besieged areas of Aleppo. Russia says this is their last chance to do so. Rebels are defiant of the ultimatum, and have been escalating their attacks against government-held Aleppo.
  • The Kremlin has deployed a small private force in Syria, ghost soldiers fighting in the ground offensives.
  • Five Syrian journalists, now living in Turkey, tell horror stories from their reporting experiences.
  • A makeshift hospital in Madaya is closing after four years, unable to do any more to help.
  • The timeline for the battle for Raqqa is unclear.
  • The Mosul offensive continues with heavy fighting in the eastern parts of the city. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has reportedly left the city.
  • Iraqi Shi’ite forces are working to cut off a supply line to the west of the city.
  • Thousands of people fleeing the Islamic State’s caliphate have wound up detained and mistreated by Iraqi forces.
  • What’s next for the Yazidi people in Iraq?
  • Iran marks the anniversary of the embassy takeover.
  • Analysis: The US military’s estimates of Taliban control and influence are flawed, failing to provide explanation for how the group is sustaining multiple offensives across the country.
  • 30 Afghan civilians died in an airstrike called in to protect US and Afghan forces after the death of two US troops during heavy fighting in Kunduz.
  • A roadside bomb killed an Afghan journalist in Helmand.
  • Afghan women face obstacles in the country’s armed forces.
  • Pakistan accused India of running a spy ring in Islamabad.
  • Young men hiding from India’s broad, harsh crackdown are seeking refuge in Kashmir’s apple orchards.
  • Fiona MacGregor, former special investigations editor for the English-language Myanmar Times, says she was fired for writing about allegations of rapes by security forces in Rakhine state.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi’s government is coming under international scrutiny for the ongoing crackdown in the north.
  • Moscow abruptly sealed off the offices for Amnesty International, blocking the staff from entering.
  • Russia lost its bid for a spot on the UN Human Rights Council.
  • In Crimea, Russia is rebooting old Soviet bases and building new ones to house its soldiers.
  • Human Rights Watch raises concerns over Belgium’s counterterrorism laws and operations in the wake of attacks.

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