9th October 2015

  • The Nobel Peace Prize was announced this morning – awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for their “decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.”
  • Tunisia’s tourism industry is struggling after this year’s terror attacks.
  • A national unity government for Libya has been announced following months of difficult negotiations.
  • The Islamic State has taken hold in Sirte, on the Libyan coast.
  • 18 people were killed in twin explosions in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The blasts ended a stretch of peace in the city that had extended for more than a year.
  • Clashes in Guinea’s capital between opposition supporters and supporters of the ruling party killed one and injured twelve.
  • Former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré faced torture victims in court.
  • Factional fighting in the Unity State in South Sudan, in violation of a recent peace agreement, killed 52 soldiers and rebels.
  • Somalia is unable to pay and feed its soldiers – a situation that threatens the country’s ability to battle Al Shabaab.
  • Suicide bombers killed 17 people in Damaturu, northeastern Nigeria on Wednesday.
  • Leaked video shows Israeli soldiers disguised as protesters turn on Palestinians and open fire.
  • Violence is escalating over the al-Aqsa holy site – several people, Palestinian and Israeli, have been stabbed today in the town of Dimona. Over the past week, four Israelis and seven Palestinians have been killed.
  • Palestinians have tired of the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas – hoping for more results than symbolism.
  • Lebanese security forces dispersed anti-government protesters with water cannons and tear gas.
  • Syrian forces began a ground offensive backed by Russian airstrikes.
  • Israel and Russia concluded their first round of deconfliction talks over Syria this week.
  • A Q&A on the Russian Kalibr cruise missiles being used in the Syrian conflict.
  • Four Russian cruise missiles meant for Syria crashed in Iran, say US officials. Russia denies this.
  • Syrian rebels are struggling, now under Russian bombardment.
  • Saudi Arabia is increasing its supplies to rebels in response to Russia’s airstrikes.
  • Activists report Islamic State advances in large areas of Aleppo province.
  • A leaked budget gives insight into Islamic State finances.
  • A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander, Hossein Hamdani, has beenkilled in Syria.
  • Iran and Hezbollah may risk a quagmire with their involvement in Syria.
  • Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman documents where Syrian children sleep.
  • The journey for young Syrians through Europe remains arduous and terrifying.
  • Yemen’s General People’s Congress party, allied with the Houthi rebels,announced that it has accepted the UN plan to end the conflict.
  • The Islamic State carried out attacks against coalition troops and the Yemeni government early this week in Aden.
  • Kurds say that blood tests show Islamic State use of mustard gas.
  • Iraqi forces recaptured several areas around Ramadi.
  • A triple Islamic State car bombing killed 50 people in southern Iraq on Monday.
  • Iraqi officials fear a “brain drain” as young Iraqis find work elsewhere.
  • On Saturday, American forces bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz, killing 10 staff and 12 patients. That death toll may still rise yet – 24 staff and nine patients are still not accounted for.
  • The US story over how this error occurred (the MSF hospital’s coordinates had been supplied to the US) has changed repeatedly.
  • The organization is calling the incident a war crime – here’s an analysis of the legal issues at play.
  • The American war in Afghanistan marked its 14th anniversary this week – it’s the longest war in US history. Business Insider put together a really spectacular photo essay from the end.
  • US plans for a drawdown in Afghanistan may be reviewed and American forces kept beyond 2016.
  • Pakistan continues efforts to increase exports.
  • Suspected rebels killed a top police officer in Indian-controlled Kashmir.
  • The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for killing two foreigners in Bangladesh – one Japanese and one Italian.
  • Malaysian lawyer Matthias Chang, arrested for his role in attempting to expose corruption in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government, is on hunger strike.Tensions are rising as American vessels are set to sail through a zone around the Spratly Islands, contested territory in the South China Sea that the Chinese claim as theirs.
  • A Russian court sentenced a man to 12 years for spying for the Ukrainian border service.
  • A top US naval officer warned of a Russian “arc of steel from the Arctic to the Mediterranean.”
  • Also… it was Putin’s birthday this week and he spent it in typical style.
  • Putin’s birthday coincides with the anniversary of the death of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, murdered nine years ago this week.
  • The ICC says a prosecutor wants to open an investigation into the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia.
  • An AP investigation discovered that at least four cases in the last five years in Moldova, criminal networks with Russian links tried to sell nuclear material to extremists.
  • The government is targeting independent journalists in Belarus ahead of the election.
  • NATO is expanding in Eastern Europe.
  • Romania modernizes its military in the face of possible Russian aggression.
  • There were more than 58,000 violent deaths last year in Brazil.
  • Declassified US intelligence documents show that a 1976 assassination of a Chilean diplomat in Washington was directly ordered by General Augusto Pinochet.
  • The CIA dramatically rearranged its organizational chart.

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