22nd April 2016

  • Riek Machar was supposed to arrive in the South Sudanese capital of Juba to be reinstated as vice president and continue the peace process, but he haspostponed twice.
  • The Islamic State was forced out of the Libyan city of Derna.
  • Burundi’s president, Pierre Nkurunziza, was offered a position with FIFA in hopes it might avert political crisis, says disgraced FIFA head Sepp Blatter. He refused.
  • Meanwhile, 2016 Burundi is bearing uncomfortable resemblance to 1994 Rwanda.
  • The UN says Burundi is cracking down on dissent and torturing prisoners.
  • Chad’s president won a fifth term.
  • The Nigerian army killed 350 civilians, members of a Shi’a sect, and buried them in mass graves in December.
  • Protests against French forces in Mali turned deadly.
  • Tunisia is getting a lot of weapons, at the expense of its democracy.
  • Human Rights Watch says Egypt has tortured and disappeared children.
  • In an agreement with Egypt, Hamas deployed forces to the Egyptian border to counter accusations that it is providing safe haven for the Islamic State.
  • A bus bombing in Jerusalem wounded 21.
  • How to solve the Gazan water crisis.
  • UN-sponsored Yemen peace talks began in Kuwait.
    Long read: The multi-billion dollar war in Yemen is testing Saudi Arabia.
  • Turkish academics go on trial today for “terrorist propaganda.”
  • The Syrian peace talks and ceasefire are both breaking down.
  • Russia deployed artillery in support of Syrian government forces preparing for an offensive in Aleppo.
  • Kurdish forces clashed with Syrian army.
  • The US is trying to design shoulder-launched missile systems for the Syrian rebels with technology limiting their use, aiming to prevent the weapons from being used by terrorists.
  • The Islamic State’s monthly revenue has dropped by 30 percent.
  • Long read: How four men survived as hostages of the Islamic State.
  • UK firm Aegis Defence Services may have employed former child soldiers from Sierra Leone as mercenaries in Iraq.
  • Interview: Anand Gopal on the Iraq war.
  • The US Supreme Court ruled that Iran’s central bank owes $2 billion to victims of terrorism, a ruling Tehran is calling thievery.
  • In Afghanistan, weapons deployed in drone strikes outnumber those deployed from warplanes for the first time.
  • A suicide bombing in Kabul killed 64 and wounded hundreds.
  • Long read: Six families speak about losing loved ones in the US drone war and the struggle to find answers afterward.
  • How US Special Operations Forces secretly help foreign forces target terrorists.
  • Ukraine banned Russian films.
  • Ukraine sentenced to Russian servicemen to 14 years over their involvement in the separatist fight.
  • Long read:  What should the world do with its nuclear weapons?
  • The Air Force is getting rid of the UH-1 Huey.
  • The FBI spent a lot of money hacking the San Bernardino iPhone.
  • Infographic: How much of your life has the US been at war?
  • Three former CIA black site detainees have brought suit against two psychologists hired to assist the agency’s torture program.

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