5th August, 2016

  • The US began launching strikes on the Islamic State in Libya this week.
  • West Africa’s Lake Chad basin is in a dire situation, with many millions needing aid as refugees from Boko Haram’s brutality strain impoverished host communities.
  • Women in a displacement camp outside the South Sudanese capital Juba face a choice between rape and starvation.
  • The UN says that government forces in South Sudan bear responsibility for the spate of rapes and killings since fighting between rivals Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir broke out yet again last month.
  • Long read: How the AK-47 and then the AR-15 becamemass killers’ weapons of choice.
  • A Nigerian judicial panel called for the prosecution of Nigerian soldiers over the killing of nearly 350 Shi’ite Muslims in the town of Zaria last year.
  • Boko Haram’s Abubekar Shekau wants us all to knowhe’s still here.
  • The head of the Islamic State in Egypt has been killed by security forces.
  • Israel’s security agency accused the local head of the Christian aid group World Vision of funneling Gaza-bound funds to Hamas.
  • Both sides in Yemen have committed atrocities, with new reports saying Houthi fighters used civilians as human shields and Saudi Arabia’s coalition intentionally bombed a house with four children inside.
  • The fallout from the coup attempt has caused massive and rapid restructuring in Turkey’s military.
  • In the Syrian war, everything rides on the battle for Aleppo.
  • The UN struggles with whether or not to support a “deeply flawed” Russian plan for humanitarian corridors out of Aleppo.
  • Syrians say toxic gas was dropped on a town hours after a Russian military helicopter had been shot down nearby.
  • “Syria’s agony will go on…because so many rebel leaders had nothing — were nothing — before the war and now have everything. “
  • Syria has become a post-factual conflict.
  • Infographic: The Levant Conquest Front (fmrly Al Nusra Front) in Syria.
  • A Saudi cleric has become an adept and influential salafist hype man, rallying insurgents in Syria through his media presence and fundraising for jihad.
  • In photos: On the front lines in Fallujah.
  • The Islamic State increasingly aims its recruitment efforts at children.
  • The UNHCR has received reports that the Islamic State seized as many as 3,000 internally displaced people in Kirkuk.
  • The UN says the Islamic State continues to carry out its genocide against the Yazidi.
  • A Taliban convoy ambush in western Afghanistan wounded foreign tourists.
  • Four people died in a Taliban hotel attack in Kabul.
  • The late July suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 80 people has had serious consequences for the Hazaras’ nonviolent reform movement
  • A Pakistani helicopter crash-landed in Taliban-held territory. Passengers and crew are feared captured.
  • Tajikistan jailed 170 people for involvement in a coup attempt last year.
  • New legislation in Kyrgyzstan allows authorities to stripterror convicts of their citizenship.
  • 12 people were killed this morning in a rebel attack on a crowded market in India’s Assam state.
  • “In just over a month in power, the tough-talking new president of the Philippines has started one war and made moves to end two others.”
  • War may be returning to Ukraine; July was the deadliest month in the Donbass in over a year.
  • Infographic: Civilian casualties in Ukraine.
  • A Ukrainian nationalist website published more personal information about journalists.
  • Ukraine rejected Russia’s proposed ambassador to Kiev.
  • The closed-door fight over who will replace Ban Ki-Moon as UN Secretary General is preparing to get ugly between the US and Russia.
  • The UN is opening a probe into whether or not former Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold was assassinated.
  • Long read: A jailhouse interview with a German Islamic State recruit reveals information about a special external operations unit responsible for realizing the group’s global jihad ambitions.
  • How the Ansbach suicide bomber returned home from Syria.
  • A former Guantánamo detainee tries to begin again in Estonia.
  • The Pulitizer Prize-winning Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS is going to be an HBO miniseries. Bradley Cooper is involved.

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