5th February 2016

  • Boko Haram razed the northern Nigerian village of Dalori, killing 86 people – shooting them and setting their homes ablaze.
  • A long read: the birth of Boko Haram.
  • Nigeria reinstated a general implicated in mass murder.
  • Nigeria’s campaign against Boko Haram means a rise in bombings for Cameroon.
  • At least eight women and girls were raped or sexually assaulted by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic between October and December of 2015.
  • Opposition from Bujumbura blocked the African Union from sending peacekeeping forces into Burundi.
  • Burundian refugees received Rwandan military training last year, recruited to remove Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza from power.
  • Refugees remain in camps and fighting continues despite South Sudan’s peace accord.
  • As the Islamic State is seen weakening in Iraq and Syria, it strengthens in Libya.
  • The body of Italian student Giulio Regeni, who went missing in Cairo in late January, was found with evidence of torture.
  • An Egyptian court overturned the death sentences of 149 Islamists accused of killing policemen in a mob attack in 2013.
  • A US drone strike reportedly killed a senior commander for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Two Israeli teens were sentenced, one to life and the other 21 years, for the kidnapping and murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir.
  • Syrian peace talks were suspended when no one could agree on the conditions for beginning them.
  • More than a million civilians are under siege in Syria.
  • The Syrian Army is closing in on Daraa, a city that lies between Damascus and Jordan.
  • Russia accused Turkey of planning a military incursion into Syria.
  • Saudi Arabia offered to send ground troops into Syria.
  • Syrian rebels are losing Aleppo… and Russian airstrikes are pushing tens of thousands of people out of Aleppo and towards the Turkish border.
  • It has been one year since the Islamic State captured Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh and burned him alive – his family and country continue to mourn.
  • Iraq is building a wall and a trench around Baghdad, hoping to rebuff attacks and reduce checkpoints.
  • The city of Fallujah, in the Islamic State stronghold of Anbar, is under siege by security forces and tens of thousands of civilians are in desperate need of food and medicine.
  • Dropping oil prices are pushing Iraq towards economic disaster.
  • Following two Islamic State café bombings in January, Shi’a militias in Iraqattacked and killed Sunni civilians and targeted their homes and mosques.
  • A suspected US strike in Afghanistan took out the Islamic State’s radio station.
  • The future of American troop commitments in Afghanistan may be measured in decades.
  • The Afghan Army raised the recruitment age in order to flesh out its thinning ranks.
  • North Korea notified the UN of plans to launch a satellite into orbit this month. The UN and others consider these launches to be covers for ICBM testing.
  • French PM Manuel Valls is pushing for legislation that will revoke citizenship for those with dual nationality convicted of terrorism.
  • After a lull, fighting in eastern Ukraine flared again this week.
  • Sweden looks to combat Russian aggressionremilitarizing an old Cold War base and debating joining NATO.
  • Russian submarine activity in the North Atlantic has returned to Cold War levels.
  • Russia will present its case for expanding its Arctic Ocean territory before a UN Commission.
  • Twenty years after the Dayton Peace Accords, researchers ask Bosnians what theythink of ethnic separation.
  • Bad weeds never die”: coca persists in Colombia as it moves towards peace.
  • Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos asked the White House to remove the FARC from its list of terrorist organizations.
  • The CIA internally circulates faked information, codenamed “eyewash,” as a security measure. But…there are some pitfalls.
  • Two generals say women should be required to register for the draft.
  • The NSA is planning a major reorganization.

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